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Customise your Zippo lighter with a new lighter insert. Choose from single and double torch butane or rechargeable arc options. The pressurised butane inserts offer an odourless flame, while the arc offers a completely windproof flame source that can be easily recharged. Fits all regular-sized Zippo lighter cases. Does not fit Slim or 1935 Replica cases.

Zippo inserts: The innovation for your lighter

The world of Zippo lighters is characterised by innovation and style. The versatile Zippo inserts give you the freedom to customise your lighter and adapt it to your needs. We are constantly developing our inserts to customise your lighter experience to your needs. Discover the variety of our Zippo inserts now!

An overview of our various Zippo inserts 

Each of our inserts has its own advantages and features. Depending on your preference and functionality, you can choose how you want your Zippo lighter to perform.

1. Rechargeable Electric inserts: The future of the lighter 

Discover the fascinating world of rechargeable electric inserts. These inserts use innovative technology to generate precise high temperatures with electrical energy - perfect for quick lighting without much effort. What's more, there is no odour and no fuel is required. 

2. Butane inserts: Powerful and efficient

The butane inserts provide a powerful and adjustable blue flame. They are ideal for situations where a strong and concentrated heat is required. The constant heat of the flame facilitates rapid ignition. The Butane inserts have a practical closed tank that prevents the fuel from evaporating. This maximises the efficiency and power of the Butane flame. 

Why choose Zippo inserts?

  • Versatility: Zippo inserts allow you to customise your lighter to your liking.
  • Quality: Known for their robustness, these inserts guarantee long-lasting use. Refillable or rechargeable and guaranteed for two years, our inserts are made for long use and reuse.
  • Customisability: Whether you prefer an electric or butane insert, there's always an option to suit your style. Discover your versatility! 

Zippo - A symbol of tradition and innovation

The Zippo brand has stood for quality and reliability for over 90 years. Its history is characterised by the constant development and adaptation of urban living environments. Zippo always remains true to its values: durability, robustness and an unmistakable iconic design. The inserts such as electric or butane reflect this spirit of innovation and offer users a wide range of options for customising their lighter. With a Zippo lighter, you are choosing a piece of history that also keeps its finger on the pulse of the times.

Discover the complete Zippo range   

In addition to the innovative inserts, Zippo also offers a wide range of lighters and accessories. From flints and wicks to stylish lighter bags, you'll find everything you need for a complete Zippo experience. Every Zippo windproof lighter comes with a lifetime guarantee. If necessary, the European Repair Clinic is available to get your favourite piece back in shape. You can find more information in the Support Centre. Browse through our selection of inserts and choose the right one for your next adventure!

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