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Zippo's outdoor products stand out for their durability and reliability and are designed for a specific purpose - so you can get outside and push your limits.

Zippo Outdoor: The perfect companion for every adventure /strong>

When you set off on a new adventure in the great outdoors, a reliable companion is essential. Zippo outdoor products offer you just that: a reliable flame in any situation. With their robust construction and timeless design, Zippo outdoor products are not only practical tools, but also real lifestyle items. Find out more about our outdoor products now. Experience nature in a new way with your Zippo outdoor lighters and break new ground!

Zippo outdoor products: Indispensable in wind and weather  

Whether you want to start a campfire, light a camping cooker or simply light up the darkness - it's no problem with our tools. Thanks to our well-designed products, campfires are a breeze on your trips through the great outdoors. With its adjustable flame, our Butane Torch will get any wood burning.

Our other range of outdoor fire starters has also been developed with technical sophistication and expertise for outdoor experiences. Discover our outdoor range now and order your Zippo product from our shop!  

Zippo outdoor tools: Versatile application possibilities 

In addition to the classic windproof lighters in our shop, you will also find innovative solutions such as the Fire Starting Multi-Tool, the Emergency Fire Kit and Easy Spark Tinders. These tools have been specially developed for outdoor use and offer you a wide range of options for lighting fires - whether you are an experienced adventurer or a beginner:

1. Fire Starting Multi-Tool

  • Versatility: Combines several tools in one, ideal for various outdoor scenarios.
  • Robustness: Made from durable materials to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Compact design: Easy to carry and fits easily into any bag or rucksack.

2. Emergency Fire Kit

  • Reliability: Provides a safe and effective method of lighting fires in emergency situations.  
  • Waterproof storage: Specially designed to keep ignition material dry.  
  • Easy to use: User-friendly, also suitable for outdoor beginners.  

3. Easy Spark Tinders

  • Quick ignition: Allows you to start a fire quickly with minimal effort.  
  • Lightweight: Ideal for hiking and longer expeditions as they add hardly any weight.

Each of these tools is specially designed to reliably support outdoor enthusiasts on their adventures. They perfectly complement the classic Zippo lighters and provide added safety and convenience for any outdoor activity.

Discover the variety at Zippo 

Explore our range of lighters, lighter inserts and accessories to find your perfect Zippo outdoor lighter. With a wide range of designs and functions, there is something for every taste and every adventure. 

Zippo: A must for every outdoor enthusiast 

A Zippo lighter is more than just a lighter - it is a loyal companion that supports you in every situation. With its robust construction, wind resistance and variety of designs, it is the ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. Discover the world of Zippo outdoor paraphernalia now and get ready for your next adventure!

Zippo warranty and repair service 

Every Zippo windproof lighter comes with a lifetime guarantee. Should your lighter ever need to be repaired, our European Repair Clinic in Germany is at your disposal. Here you will receive professional service to get your Zippo lighter back in top condition. Your next adventure awaits! Are you ready to face your next outdoor challenge? With a Zippo lighter in your pocket, you'll be fully equipped. Experience our entire range and discover the world of Zippo outdoor products!

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