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Windproof Lighter

It works or we fix it free.™



IMPORTANT NOTICE, PLEASE READ:  Royal Mail has adopted regulations which classify used lighters as dangerous goods. As a result of this classification any used lighters that are sent via Royal Mail services could be returned or destroyed. We would strongly recommend that all lighters that are returned for repair should be sent via a courier company.

Before sending in your product, review product instructions and how to videos in the product care tab on the left. 

Please do not attempt to perform repairs yourself as it could damage the Zippo product beyond repairRepairs take approximately 6-8 weeks, once repaired your Zippo product will be sent back to you.

1. Prepare Zippo Lighter To Ship
    • Complete the Zippo Repair Form and enclose in the package with your product.  
    • Remove the insert from the Zippo lighter case*.
    • Allow all lighter fluid to evaporate for two days. 
    • Replace inside unit in lighter case.

    *IMPORTANT: Please ONLY send the insert, if it needs repairing. If not, please DO NOT send the insert and only send in the lighter case for repair. Note lighter inside units are not repaired. Normal repair procedure is to replace the original inside unit with a brand new inside unit. The original will not be returned unless stated on the repair form.

    2.  Packing Zippo Lighter 
      • Pack the Zippo lighter in a padded envelope or small package.
      3. Sending Zippo Lighter

      Customers living in the UK:

      • Send your package to the Zippo European Repair Clinic insured and via a trackable method to:

      Zippo European Repair Clinic
      Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd
      Milton Keynes Distribution Centre
      Bradbourne Drive, MK7 8BN, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

      Once received by Yusen Logistics, your package will be forwarded to Zippo European Repair Clinic on your behalf. Please email our team at for any further information on your lighter repair.